Equilux CD

Image of Equilux CD


12 tracks:
1. Lost Your Soul
2. My Medication
3. Get Up
4. In Your Hands
5. Radiant
6. The Development of Democracy
7. Superclass
8. Transplant
9. Take the Space
10. Money Plenty
11. Magnify
12. Public Opinion
Cliff and Ivy is new and original electronic industrial goth with a cool experimental spoken word edge. They bring a fresh take on the traditions of harder sounding EBM and darkwave, with a sensory organic quality coming from the use of heavy drop tuned guitar, and grand piano hooks. Their sound is like Moby and Killing Joke thrown in a lockbox with Ministry. They've also been compared to The Prodigy and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Equilux is released by All Ears Music http://allearsmusic.wordpress.com/